All Charge Controllers
  • 12 V, 24 V, 32 V, 36 V and 48 V in one controller
  • Built-in 30 days datalogger
  • Multifunctional LC display
  • External current sensing (optional)
  • R5232 interface (optional)
  • Hybrid system control
  • Widely programmable
  • Built-in programmable logic
  • The PL series of charge controllers offer complete control over the charge cycle and various information about current and past performance.
  • PL controllers have a built-in Iow battery disconnect switch. In addition, the versatile event controller can switch power on or off according to criteria set by the user. This allows the PL to do extra tasks such as switching a light on at night or keeping a water tank full by operating a pump when needed. Regulation can be done in both series and shunt modes. Other features include backup generator control and charging a second battery.
  • Display shows battery voltage, charge current, ampere hours in and out of battery, load being drawn from the battery and charge status.
  • Information is available for the past 30 days – so even if the user doesn‘t remember what happened, the controller will.
  • With the optional PLI interface, the user can access the controller from a computer or via modem. Data can be read or setting adjusted.

PL 20

PL 40

PL 60

Nominal voltage 12/24/32/36/48 V
Solar charge current max.

20 A

40 A

60 A

Load current max.

20 A

7 A

30 A

Max. voltage drop 0.4 V 0.42 V
Self consumption

9 mA

13 mA

20 mA

Temperature sensor range –15 to +50 °C
Regulation set point 4 present programs, 1 user adjust
Ambient temperature –20 to +50 °C
Dimensions (W x H x D)

100 x 109 x 41 mm

130 x 124 x 50 mm

225 x 175 x 62 mm


320 g

515 g

1100 g