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  • 12 V or 24 V DC operating voltage featuring shutoff at low voltage
  • Eco-friendly cooling agent (R-134a)
  • Adjustable interior temperature
  • Very low energy requirement
  • Highly- efficient cooling
  • Low Maintentance
  • Double gasket to keep long cooling
  • Easy Installation
  • Phocos offers freezer (F) and refrigerator (R) unit with 240.4Lcapacities. Due to their energy-efficient cooling concept, Phocos refrigeration devices are especially suited to solar-powered applications. The top-quality craftsmanship guarantees a long useful life. An 12-cm-thick insulation layer made of polyurethane ensures minimal thermal losses. The refrigeration system is equipped with a maintenance-free, Brushless DC compressor. The patented low-frost system reduces the formation of condensation water and ice. A drainage opening at the base simplifies the cleaning of the interior.

FR 240.4

Operating voltage 12/24 V DC
Temperature Range -17 to +6 °C
Ambient temperature 10 to +43 °C
Power input (typ./ max.) 40/100 W
Refrigerant(typ./ max.) R-134a
Content (capacity) 240.4L
Door Type Top Opening
Dimensions (W x H x D) 684 x 849 x 1144 mm
weight 70 kg