All Charge Controllers
  • Symmetrical charging and load current of 20 A each
  • Four-stage charging method (industry standard)
  • 12/24/32/36/48-V selectable battery voltage
  • Exceptionally thermally robust: full charging current and load current without interruption in operation, even at 50 °C
  • Single-button operation and easy-to-understand menu structure
  • The Dingo has a negative ground and can therefore easily be used in vehicles. Its communication interface makes use of the MODBUS protocol, which has been tried and tested in harsh environments. Its large memory allows data to be stored such as charging Ah, load Ah, battery voltage range and the daily state of charge for 512 days. The data of the past 99 days can be accessed using the LC display with LED backlighting. Zero-potential contacts, which are required in many generator starting systems, are now included in the basic model of the charge controller.
Type Dingo
Nominal voltage 12/24/32/36/48 V
Max. solar panel current 20 A
Max. load current 20 A
Regulation set points 4 preset programs or user adjust
Weight 455 g
Ambient temperature range –20 to +55 °C
Grounding negative grounding possible
Max. wire size 16 mm2 (6 AWG)
Mounting hole spacing 116 mm
Mounting hole size 5 mm
Dimensions (W xH x D) 137 x 121 x 45 mm
Self consumption 9 mA@12 V, max. 26 mA@60 V
Case polycarbonate
Heatsink anodised aluminium