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Datasheet DCL and DCS

DCL - DC Voltage Converter

User Manual DCLCE Certificate DCL

DCS - DC Voltage Converter

CE Certificate DCSUser Manual DCS
  • DC/DC converters extend users’ applications
  • Maximum output current adopts to output voltage
  • Excess energy management system in DCL, makes the PV system more efficient
  • Overheating protection extends product lifetime
  • Display LEDs for “Power on” and “Current limitation”, “Excess Energy” additional for DCL
  • DIN-rail mounting adapter available
  • The DCS is a DC/DC converter specially designed for PV systems. It enables a 12 V Battery Voltage to lower voltage DC appliances such as small radios or cassette players. The DCS utilizes innovative overheating protection which adapts the maximum output current to the output voltage in order to enhance product reliability and lifetime.
  • The DCL extends the functionality of the DCS by adding excess energy management functionality that provides usable energy that would normally be wasted because the battery cannot accept the extra solar energy. With DCL it is possible to charge a second battery with excess energy. This is widely used in mobile-homes and boats which often have a battery for the solar system and a second battery for starting the engine. Another typical application is to power a small fan for air exchange on a boat powered only with excess energy. Only your imagination limits the number of possible applications.


Nominal voltage 12 V
Output voltage

1.5 V

3.0 V

4.5 V

6.0 V

9.0 V

12.0 V

13.6 V

Maximum output current

250 mA

300 mA

400 mA

450 mA

650 mA

1,000 mA

2,000 mA

Self consumption 6 mA
Diameter wire 0.75 to 16 mm2
Temperature range −20 to +50 °C
Max. power dissipation 4 W
Dimensions (B x H x T ) 100 x 80 x 34 mm
Weight 125 g
Type DCL
Nominal voltage 2nd battery 12V
Float voltage 2nd battery 13.4V
Max. charging current @13.4V 2A