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  • 12 V DC operation
  • Over temperature protection (OTP)
  • Extremely high illumination efficacy
  • High number of switching cycles
  • Standard E27 lamp socket
  • Tube socket G24
  • The new D-series of CFL lamps come with a special feature: a detachable tube. Therefore the ballast can be reused in case of a broken or damaged tube. The lamps provide very high illumination levels at low power consumption. This high quality 12 V DC lamp can be used directly in 12 V battery or solar systems. The life span of the lamp is more than 8,000 hours. A special electronic circuit guarantees an extremely high number of switching cycles.
  • The lamp has a standard E27/Edison socket. It is an excellent choice for any illumination purpose which requires more than 100 lumens.

CLD 1205C
CLD 1205W

CLD 1207C
CLD 1207W

CLD 1211C
CLD 1211W

CLD 1215C
CLD 1215W

Operating voltage 11 – 15 V
Power consumption

5 W

7 W

11 W

15 W

Operating current

400 mA

560 mA

900 mA

1,200 mA

Light output

240 lm

350 lm (C)
360 lm (W)

620 lm(C)
650 lm(W)

900 lm

Light color 6,400 K (C)
2,700 K (W)

Ambient temperature

–10 to +50 °C

–10 to +40 °C

Socket E27 (Edison)