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  • 24 V DC operation
  • Extremely high illumination efficacy
  • Extremely high number of switching cycles
  • Over temperature protection (OTP)
  • Standard socket E27
  • Phocos‘ CFL lamps provide very high illumination levels at low power consumption. This high quality 24 V DC lamp can be used directly in 24 V battery or solar systems. The lifespan of the lamp is more than 8,000 hours. The new version of CFL lamps is now regulated by a DC-preheating circuit which makes an extremely high number of switching cycles possible (IEC925).
  • Furthermore the lamps are equipped with an over temperature protection (OTP) which causes the lamps to automatically switch off prior to overheating (especially when operated at too extreme environmental conditions) and therefore prevents damage to the lamp. Thus, the product lifespan is significantly increased. It is an excellent choice for any illumination purpose which requires more than 100 lumens.
Type CL 2415C
CL 2415W
Nominal voltage 25 V
Operating voltage 20 – 30 V
Power consumption 15 W
Operating current 600 mA
Light output 900 lm
Average luminous efficacy 65 lm/W
Light color 6,400 K (C)
2,700 K (W)
Ambient temperature −10 to +40 °C
Socket E27