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  • AA size battery charger
  • Protection from overcharging, ensure long life span of the battery
  • Efficient use of excess energy of PV system
  • Charge up to 4 AA size batteries
  • LED display ,Charging on” and ,off-Switch”
  • Holder for DIN rail mounting available
  • BCM is an innovative charger for AA-Size rechargeable NiMeH and NiCd Batteries. It is specially designed for application in PV solar systems. In addition, it can be used together with any 12 V Battery.
  • The AA-size batteries are charged over a small constant current which is kept on a low level to prevent any overcharging. Additional protection is given by the additional voltage limitation. Because of the special voltage and current limitation, the batteries are well protected against overcharging even if they are kept for longer time in the charger. The gentle charging process guarantees long life for your AA-size battery. BCM allows to charge up to four AA size batteries. Because each battery has got its own voltage limitation, it is possible to mix different types and sizes of rechargeable batteries. It is also possible to charge one, two three or four batteries at a time. A new innovative feature is the use of excess energy management. By using this feature only the excess energy which cannot be taken over by the systems main battery, is used to charge the AA batteries. This way it is possible to increase the performance of the system.
Type BCM
Nominal inputvoltage 12 V
Input voltage range 10.5 – 15 V
Nominal output voltage 4 x 1.5 V
Max. charging current (@1.35V ) < 60 mA
Charging time for 500mAh battery approx. 14 h
Charging time for 1,000mAh battery approx. 28 h
Charging time for 1,500mAh battery approx. 42 h
Charging time for 2,500mAh battery approx. 70 h
Battery size AA(in Europe called Mignon)
Battery types NiMeH/NiCd
Battery capacity 500 – 2,500 mAh
Dimensions (W xH x D) 80 x 100 x 32 mm
Weight 180 g
Temperature range –40 to +50 °C