Rural electrification

Due to its numerous projects around the world, Phocos has a wealth of experience in rural electrification. In order to better service such projects on-site, an international network of holding companies and branch offices has been established. Therefore, Phocos can now offer its services in close proximity to its customers.

Reference Projects


Whether for telecommunications installations or in the energy sector Phocos charge controllers are persuasive in industrial contexts due to their professional engineering and technology, their reliability – and not least to their affordable price.

Product recommendations MPM System PL Series SPS Series

Street lighting

When street lights are supplied with power via solar modules, it is essential to ensure the lowest-possible level of power consumption. For this purpose, Phocos offers charge controllers equipped with an automatic lighting controller. This enables the lighting to be switched on and off depending upon the ambient brightness or the time of day. Via the dimmer controller output, it is possible to dim the lights when the batteries are low (to reduce the level of consumption).

Product recommendations CX Series CIS Series CIS-N Series CL 12 compact fluorescent lamps (15 W, 30 W)

Leisure activities

A mains-independent power supply via solar technology is also becoming increasingly relevant to the leisure sector. This makes it possible to utilise electricity in a recreational vehicle or on a yacht without having to consume fuel in the process. Here, solar technology ensures greater comfort and convenience without polluting the environment. Designed to withstand the toughest of ambient conditions, our charge controllers and DC appliances are ideally suited to the most varied applications in the leisure sector.

Product recommendations CX Series (optionally available with negative ground for vehicles) Pico Lamp/System